Saturday, April 17, 2010

whoa, dream big kid!

I wanna live in a world where the tree tops pierce the clouds, where we could stand on our toes and rearrange the constellations, where we would roam the highest hills on nothing but our bare feet, where we could stand in the middle of the ocean and spin round in circles staring at the heavens,wondering where exactly earth begins and where heaven ends. Where you greet strangers with an honest smile,and a peculiar handshake. Where goodbyes don't exist. Where 'perfect' resides in forgotten worlds. Where there's no such thing, as TOO much happiness. Where hate disappears,and is boxed up in the back of our closets. Where minds are filled with the beauty of art, not the nonsense of the past. Where sleep is left behind, with our worn out suitcases. And memories are stuck to the outside of our brains,where your thoughts are drown out by the sound of the vigorous typewriter,attempting to get all its purpose onto paper before the man sitting before it, loses his mind to the constant beating in his chest. What fools, what fools are we. so completely blind standing before our hidden destination, our purpose. Reach forward kid, and grasp your dreams, for they are the only sane thought created within the insane. Where we sleep on our roof tops, praying for rain to fall on our skin. Where we leap from star to star expanding our imagination, and asking ourselves one too many questions. Where every wall, and surface is painted with a story. Where every face is painted with an expression, where every heart is painted with an extraordinary love for someone else. Where there is no limit to your love, where time abruptly stopped when you walked into my life, and it took what felt like forever to figure out that beautiful object softly singing inside your chest, that feeling that filled my stomach when our eyes met, it was nothing but love at second sight. My mind cannot erase the day we fell in love, the day we crossed our pinkies, and promised the love we would never fall out of. when you whispered into my ear how exactly you would like it if we could stay together forever, and you failed to believe me when i replied to you that we would forever be together, and i looked you in your smitten eye, and told you exactly how ive been in love once, and will stay that way til the end of forever, and no matter the distance between us, my heart will always belong to you. I would very much like to share the rest of my days, with you. from sunrise to sunset, day after day, the love i have for you will never fail to constantly grow larger until our hearts cease to beat. that smile of yours makes this heart of mine beat oh so quickly, and i know when i grow old and my body loses its youth, my soul will still love you like i did when i was but a girl. a promise between you and i, is the one thing i kept true through all these years. look at us now, to everyone else we appear to be aging inside and out, but my old man told me to never judge a book by its cover, so im telling you now. look inside, and you will see our story. the story we will never stop adding too, the story that never ends. We will tell our story, paint our picture, dance our dance, sing our song. And you will get a glimpse of that thing people wait around for their whole lives, what we found effortlessly. true love.

and no, haha this is not reflecting on my life in any way.


life is good, that is all i can say.
next week is midterm. and summer is so close.
i like someone new, so much. and i know for a fact that he likes me too. (he's a senior. hehe ;)
last night we went to the movies, it was awesome, although the movie..not so much.
i got my hair color changed, and i loveee it so much!
everyone at school keeps pointing out how much i have been changing.
like becoming a social butterfly, and changing my image and stuff. i love it.
yesterday i stood up to the school jerk, and it felt so good. haha. im definitely changing for the best.
and im pretty sure that is it. yupp. thanks for reading.

"Soon you'll hit like a bolt of lighting. And I will be your thunder."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

so today-

was our Easter party, and it was a success. (:
probably the best one we've had for awhile, and i think most agree.
everyone was just able to relax and talk. And it was nice to be able to see Makae.
She is beautiful. (: And she has grown sooo much in such a short time.
And i got my pictures taken, they turned out good!
I thank grandma for the rings and the shoe watch, and also Teresa for the discounted necklace.
I absolutely loved it. (:
Good easter egg hunt, good lunch/dinner, and good conversations.
Woot woot! (: