Friday, October 16, 2009

Heyyyy dude, im learning something...

:) so one of my choice classes i am taking right now is photography.
We have been learning all about photoshop cs4 (the newest version, i think) and i am getting insanely pro at it. I am one of the best in my class.
I'm way excited to learn more though, because i don't understand all of it yet...
earlier today i took a ton of pictures of me, my mom, and chico. I did a lot of editing, and color changing for our eyes and stuffs.
It's all way exciting. Haha. And now i have photoshop here on both my house computer and laptop. Life is goooooood. :)
Also, high school is a blast. Friend drama, but that isn't unexpected..blah!!!
Don't know what i want to be for Halloween, someone help me out? Thankies. :)
Oh and also, i don't have a Christmas list. I don't need one. I have everything i want and need. :) I know my parents aren't making much money this year, and i am fine with that. I already have the best gift of all, family. :)
"Sometimes skulls are thick. Sometimes hearts are vacant. Sometimes words don't work."