Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hum :) a NEW POST. That's a shocker...

Well well,
i guess my mom won..partially...
but that is about to change! Cause what am i doing right now? Making a new post :D
I am rather proud of myself.
ANYWAYS...updates. 1. I officially have 2 more days of junior high left. (Thursday, May 28 is the last day for 9th grade ONLY) I am really sad..i don't want to go to high school whatsoever. But oh well. I am just really going to miss jh. 2. Lagoon Day was a blast, as usual. But i am also sad because that was my last Lagoon Day for school, until i am a SENIOR in hs. Grrr...! 3. Work is going pretty great. I have not worked many days yet, but this summer i am going to be working a lot and making tons of $$$! Yay!! 4. I got a debit card :) 5. I cannot wait until Makae's party. 6. I cannot wait for Cassi's party either! 7. A lot of my friends are turning 16 already!! And i'm not even 15 yet! :'( saddest thing in the world. Curse my youngness (even a word?) 7. I think that is pretty much it..OH! Caleb cut his toe toe open. My mom will probably post about it though. So no worries ;) just know that, you got it from me FIRST!
Alrighties well that is it for now.
I will be keeping you guys posted :)
Peace. Love. Happiness.